Well here we are! We have arrived at the final event of these much discussed World Cups in Qatar. History will be written on Sunday 18 December when Argentina and France take the field at 3.00pm. It will be the eternal consecration for Lionel Messi or it will be the second consecutive World Cup for the rising star Mbappe. A victory for the selection would definitively allow Messi to be considered the true number one in the world. After the victory in the America's Cup and the journey, even if it didn't start in the best way, in these World Cups they showed how the team led by Scaloni is compact and also has excellent weapons in the second ranks to bring home the trophy. In fact, Argentina, unlike France, has often managed to vary the men on the pitch without losing, which instead happened to France when Deschamps decided to try a turnover against Tunisia. Mbappe got off to a good start, but seems to have faded a bit, leaving room for his teammates, one above all Giroud who consecrated himself in this edition by overcoming a monument like Henry. Having said that, like every final in recent years, I always offer you my simulation of the match based on the real data of the various players and using software that simulates the progress of the match in the most realistic way.

From this simulation that I performed 100 times, 70% of the matches were won by Argentina. Only 10% of the matches always ended in penalties with the South Americans winning, while 20 games ended in extra time with 10 victories for France and 10 victories for Argentina. The Over 2.5 mark occurred for 60% of matches while the BTTS YES mark was 70%. As far as more "particular" statistics are concerned, we find Ball Possession decidedly more the prerogative of France, while as regards the "bad guys", Argentina should undoubtedly receive more yellow cards.

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