Get an advance on your bets from 1xBet!


It’s imperative for 1xBet to maintain absolute trust between the company and its customers, as well as to provide its players with the best betting conditions. To emphasise this in practice, the bookmaker offers its players a special offer - “Advancebet”.

What is it?

Under the conditions, the 1xBet client can request an advance payment for a bet. It will come in handy in a situation where there is an excellent prospect to make a good sports forecast and make money on it, but there are not enough funds in the account.

The player can use the offer if he has one or more unsettled bets on events which are not yet concluded. Based on an assessment of the potential winnings, the amount for which the player can use for the next trust bet is calculated.

To see how much advance is available, just click the "Find out" button in the "Bet Slip". After that, you can bet on the sporting event you like and wait for the result!

How does it work?

For example, a client makes a $10 bet with odds of 2. Thus, his potential payout is $20.

Meanwhile, the player has a $5 Advancebet available. He takes the chance and makes another bet with odds of 3 for the next sporting event.

As a result, if both predictions turn out to be successful, he receives payments on both coupons - and his account balance becomes $30!

The calculation is done as follows. The player gets paid out $20 thanks to the first successful bet; then the $5 advance is deducted from it - and then, the $15 trust bet payout is added to the remaining $15. The total on the player's account is $30 - a fantastic profit of $20!

1xBet is always ready to come to the rescue and help you make a successful prediction, even if you don't have enough funds. Take the chance to place trust bets and win with a reliable bookmaker!

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