Don't miss the summer sun - go on a trip around the world with 1xBet!


Summer is the best time for exciting trips and adventures. That's why 1xBet has prepared a surprise: the world-famous brand invites you to go on a virtual trip around the world!

Go to the 1xGames section on the website or in the 1xBet app and start with us!

We begin our adventure just off the coast of Chile with the Island game. Imagine yourself as a brave Robinson Crusoe who needs to get to the nearest island. However, everything is not so simple: in order to successfully swim to the shore, you’ll need to avoid sharks. Try to choose the right direction. If you meet dolphins along the way, you’ll know that you’re doing everything right and the paradise island is nearby!

We promised you an unusual adventure - and we keep our word! On the island, you’ll find...a competition involving monkeys! Which of the cute monkeys will climb up the rope the fastest? Pick your favourite and watch this bizarre battle in Monkeys courtesy of 1xGames! If you guess the winner, you can also take your cash prize with you.


It was fun on the island, but it's time to move on. Now we’re flying to the northern hemisphere - to Las Vegas! And immediately upon arrival, of course, we go to the local casino. Charming croupiers, delicious drinks and an atmosphere of excitement are waiting for us there. Give in to the temptation and try spinning the reels in Las Vegas by 1xGames. Who knows, you might be the next millionaire!

After Las Vegas we have to cross the Pacific Ocean: magical India awaits us! Here we immediately find ourselves in a magnificent palace, where an atmosphere of luxury reigns, beautiful girls perform Indian dances, and interesting entertainment awaits guests - a game of poker. Play a game or even several at Indian Poker - try your luck!

After a trip to India, we’re moving onwards to the Middle East! With Eastern Nights from 1xGames, you can enter a fairy tale, feel like Aladdin and go in search of a magic lamp. But be careful: don’t stumble upon the evil sorcerer Jafar, who is already ready to confuse you! If you pass the test successfully, you will be rewarded.

This is not the end of our adventures in the Middle East. The next destination is Egypt, where we will take a trip into the past. Open Book Of Ra and move into the magical world of ancient Egypt, where you’ll meet the god Anubis, the goddess Bastet and, of course, Queen Cleopatra. Grab the chance and take some gold from the tomb with you!

The final point of our around-the-world trip is South America, where we started. Only this time we're heading into the Amazon jungle with Jungle Secrets!

Wild tribes live there, ready to block your way. However, if you select a stone with the image of the desired animal and click on it, you can move on and uncover the secret of the jungle. Will you try?

Make this summer truly special. Register on 1xBet for the brightest adventure of your life!

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