Eurovision 2022: songs and bets for every taste!


1xBet advises you about top betting options on the upcoming song contest.

For lovers of modern folk: Ukraine

Ukraine traditionally performs successfully at Eurovision, and last year was no exception. The Go_A group impressed not only Europe, but the whole world with their Ukrainian-language track Shum, in which folk and electronic music intertwined. According to the results of the audience voting at the contest, Go_A came second, and after that they began to conquer the Spotify charts and other peaks.

This year, the Ukrainians follow the same path: again they prepared a track in their native language for Eurovision, which mixes folk and modern music.

The track “Stefania” performed by Kalush Orchestra is an ode to mothers. Eurofans have already fallen in love with a symbolic line from this song for Ukraine: I’ll always find my way home, even if all the roads are destroyed.

According to 1xBet analysts, Ukraine is the main favourite of the contest. You can bet on Kalush Orchestra at odds of 2.2!

Fans of the weird and unusual: Norway

Eurovision wouldn't be Eurovision without startlingly odd costumes. Every year, one of the participants is sure to try to stand out with strange costumes, dances or lyrics. This year, such a participant is the Norwegian duo Subwoolfer, who plans to surprise Europe with an incendiary song and “intergalactic space wolf” masks.

We don’t recommend looking for meaning in the track “Give That Wolf A Banana”. It’s better to turn off the thought process and just enjoy the performance and dancing of these weird Norwegian guys. However, we warn you: the song quickly eats into the brain, and then it’s simply impossible to forget!

Well, the Lithuanians from The Roop have worthy successors who also love the colour yellow and are ready to arrange a disco in every home. So let's not resist!

Fans of sensual dances: Spain

Again: a beautiful girl in a revealing bright outfit, who dances along with her ballet to some rhythmic track - a Eurovision classic. But it’s worth recognising that not every pretty and sensual girl has managed to conquer Europe.

The last performer who, with such an explicit approach, created such a stir amongst Eurofans was Eleni Foureira of Cyprus. She fell a just short of winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. But, her dancing to “Fuego” is simply impossible to forget!

This year, the Spaniard Chanel will try to repeat (or even surpass) the success of Eleni. The girl goes to Turin with the song “SloMo” - one line of which says: “I am always the first - and never the second.” Will these words become prophetic? We'll find out soon.

Rock lovers: Finland

Last year, Eurovision gave the world two cool rock tracks. The first is, of course, “Zitti E Buoni” by Måneskin, and the second is “Dark Side” by the Finns from Blind Channel. According to audience voting, the Scandinavians took fourth place, and in the final standings (taking into account the points from the judges) they were placed 6th.

This year, the Finns decided to continue to give more of the same and send veterans of the rock scene - The Rasmus - to the Eurovision Song Contest. The band, which has been around for 30 years, peaked in popularity during the 2000’s, but many fans still remember their songs “In The Shadows”, “No Fear”, “First Day Of My Life” and others by heart. The rockers are going to Eurovision 2022 with the song “Jezebel” - according to them, this is a song for strong and independent women who forge their own path.

Will The Rasmus be able to replicate the success of their compatriots from the Blind Channel or even Lordi, who won the contest in 2006? If you believe in them, you can bet on these rockers at odds of 81 at 1xBet.

Comeback lovers: Italy

Comebacks often happen at Eurovision, but they’re rarely successful. Perhaps this year, Mahmood will be able to remedy this.

The Italian rapper already participated in Eurovision with the touching track “Soldi” in 2019 - and then all of Europe clapped for him. The Dutchman Duncan Laurence prevented him from winning, defeating the Italian in the final standings by only 27 points (492 against 465) thanks to his entrancing melody “Arcade”.

Now Mahmood will once again enter the same arena - only this time not alone, but in a duet with Blanco. Their heartfelt and deep love song “Brividi” brings goosebumps. Considering how much Eurofans love such sincerely soulful tracks, Mahmood and Blanco are real contenders for victory. And, if they succeed, Italy will win the contest for the second time in a row!

For lovers of sad ballads ala Billie Eilish: Greece

In fact, this year's Eurovision will feature a lot of performers with beautiful ballads. There is the Pole Krystian Ocman with the song “River”, and the aforementioned Mahmood, plus the Australian Sheldon Riley with the emotional track “Not The Same”.

But there is such a thing as trends in music - and Amanda Tenfjord, perhaps, is tapping into the popularity of the moment. Her track “Die Together” is highly reminiscent of pop idol Billie Eilish. It’s very much in the style of the American - tear jerkingly emotional. Seeing as though Amanda is emulating one of the biggest stars on the planet, her chances of success at Eurovision must be pretty good.

“Die Together” is a song about a couple going through a difficult phase in their relationship. Amanda sings: “But if we die together now, we will always have each other, I won't lose you for another.” We really hope that all lovers will find a way to improve relationships and be happy. In the meantime, if you like the track, you can bet on Amanda as the Eurovision winner with superb odds of 33 at 1xBet.

For lovers of Swedish success: Sweden

Every year the bookmakers put the Swedes among the main favourites of Eurovision even before the country presents its participant. The thing is that the Scandinavians almost never disappoint Eurofans - that's why a lot of fans worldwide are rooting for this country  - and it doesn't matter who the Swedish contestant is or what song they sing.

In 2022, the Scandinavians decided to send Cornelia Jakobs to the competition with the emotional track “Hold Me Closer”. If you watch the elegant lady's performance at the preselection, you’ll be reminded of two other singers who very successfully defended the honour of Sweden at Eurovision. And such similarity is a good sign for Cornelia.

The first such singer is Sanna Nielsen: also a blonde, who performed the song “Undo” at Eurovision 2014 and took third place there. The manner of performance and vibe are similar to Cornelia’s. The second is, of course, the gorgeous Loreen, who, like Miss Jakobs at the Swedish preselection, performed barefoot on stage, eventually winning Eurovision 2012 with the melody “Euphoria Loreen”.

What is the song “Hold Me Closer” about? Love of course!. Watch the performance of this blonde beauty, listen to the song and, if it appeals, bet on her victory at 1xBet.

For TikTok lovers: UK

Every year, the British are among the outsiders of Eurovision, and last year they received zero points from both the audience and the jury (for the first time since 2003). However, this year the situation has changed: bookmakers put the UK as fourth favourites!

Sam Ryder, who will represent his country in Turin with the song “Space Man”, is one of the most popular singers on TikTok, where he has 12 million followers. His track is about the fact that wherever a man is, even among the stars in space, he will always be drawn home to those he loves.

The performer himself says that he will not succumb to fear or the failures of the past (Britain placed last twice in a row). Sam will continue to do his job and enjoy the process.

If you like the British track, you can bet on it at 1xBet with odds of 8.5. Make money on Eurovision with a reliable bookmaker!

*the odds may be different

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