What are football tokens and how can fans earn money from them?


In today's world, every football club strives to become as close as possible to its fans. This gives supporters unique emotions and allows them to feel involved in the success of their favourite team. Therefore, every year, the world’s leading football clubs have more and more diverse offers that create a special bond with fans.

One of the newest and most popular ideas in this direction is the emergence of tokens in football. What are they? Simply put, they’re similar to a company's shares on a stock exchange, but in cryptocurrency form. A token is a unique digital certificate that guarantees a company's obligations - in our case, a football club - to the owner of the token, i.e. the fan.

A supporter can either keep the token or get rid of it at a time they see fit. The stock analogy above also works here: you can wait quietly for dividends from the token, or you can sell it at the peak of its value. But, of course, that value correlates with how well or poorly the club is doing.

It’s important to point out that the success of a club and a team is not always the same thing. For example, Manchester United have not been very successful in terms of results on the field in recent years. Still, as a club, it is of great interest to investors because it has several popular superstar players with large fanbases.

In addition to this, so-called NFTs are also gaining popularity among fans. Their name is an acronym for non-fungible token. These tokens are not interchangeable - each one is unique and can store information about a significant episode in the history of a club or even an individual athlete. For example, most recently, Andriy Shevchenko has issued a limited number of NFTs dedicated to the 2003-04 season in which the Ukrainian won the league title with AC Milan and then received the Golden Ball.

Just how popular the idea of tokens is can be seen by the simple example of the Chiliz platform, whose daily trading volume exceeded $1 billion at the height of Euro 2020. Since the beginning of the year, the value of tokens there has increased by 1,500%. Plus, it's noteworthy that Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester City and other sports giants such as the NBA and UFC are working with the platform.

The NBA has allocated hundreds of thousands of moments from league games as tokens and sent them to a special database. Their price is differentiated by category: regular sets cost $9, rare sets cost $22, and legendary sets cost $230. Obviously, this kind of categorisation will become increasingly common over time, including in football. Especially since tokens are not necessarily traded solely in one place. For example, the Italian Roma token was issued on the same platform, Chiliz, and then traded on the major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and BKEX.

The story of tokens as a counterpart to shares, or club currency if you will, is taking hold of more and more top football clubs. PSG, Real Madrid, Atlético, Juventus, and less affluent clubs like West Ham and Galatasaray have all joined the list of those with their own tokens. In addition, Socios, a platform where fans of different clubs can exchange their tokens, has gained popularity. Moreover, tokens have also attracted the interest of major football superstars: Cristiano Ronaldo received awards in club currency while at Juventus, and Lionel Messi himself took part in developing ideas for Barcelona's tokens.

The biggest bookmakers in the world are also attracted to the idea of tokens. For example, in July this year, 1xBet created a collection of 13 digital artworks dedicated to the highlights of the European football championships. The project, called the Euro charity art collection, went viral on the well-known NFT platform Rarible. Arshavin's celebrations at Euro 2008, the great Zinedine Zidane's goal at Euro 2004 and other iconic moments attracted the attention of football fans.

Football tokens are on the list of payment systems available to 1xBet players in the cryptocurrency section. This way, they can be used when depositing into a player's account or withdrawing funds. Juventus, PSG, and Roma tokens can already be used to bet on 1xBet - and win with your favourite football clubs.

As you can see, tokens in football are one of the most unusual phenomena that allow you to both earn and gain some unique experience. You can buy a token - and support your favourite athletes. The future has arrived - and it brings a lot of excitement.

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