The best mystery games from 1xGames ahead of Halloween


1xBet has proven time and again to be an innovator in the betting industry. The brand strives to regularly delight players with cool new products and exclusives. One such project is 1xGames, which offers players unparalleled entertainment.

During the development of 1xGames, the smallest details and a variety of customer requests were taken into account. In this section, every player will find fun to their liking, as the collection has more than a hundred titles: from beloved card games and the usual lotteries to quests, sports and board games, the plots of which take your breath away.

The world will soon be celebrating Halloween. Perhaps no other holiday in the world is shrouded in so many mystical stories, with various scary tales associated with it. You can experience the Halloween atmosphere from the comfort of your own home - just visit 1xGames. There are dozens of games with "spooky" attributes, and we'll tell you about three of the most popular ones.

Witch: Game of Thrones

Seven Kingdoms, dragons and fighting with the King of the Night. Yes, the title of this game is fitting and resonates with fans of the cult fantasy franchise. You will have to beat the priestess of the Lord of Light, who can predict the future thanks to her magical powers.

The game has 10 rows of 5 cells. Each cell contains wine or poison. The winning formula is simple: you only need to open the boxes with wine on each of the 10 levels. The higher the level, the greater the winnings. Beware of the poison boxes as they are a sure sign of failure. You can, however, recoup your winnings on any level.

Deluxe Cards

Ever wondered if you could be that powerful witch who’s full of mystery and has a way with the cards? Then this game is for you.

The mechanics are simple and intuitive: at the beginning of the game 9 cards are revealed. You must have three, four or five of the same card in your hand to win. The winning odds depend on the face value and suit of those cards.

There is also a nice bonus feature: you get a free spin if you get three cards of the same face value. The deck used during the free spin adds a Joker which, in turn, can act as any other card when forming combinations. 

Beat The Clown

Are you intuitive and a bit of a crafty card player? Beat The Clown brings you to the table where the only requirement for victory is to beat the dealer. Your main antagonist is a cunning clown who often gets reincarnated during Halloween celebrations.

There are a total of 40 cards of different suits. Your opponent will only have one card in his hand, and you have between 1 and 5, so beating an experienced dealer is easy.

What do I need to do to win? You’ll need to bet on each of your own cards and hope to exceed the value of the dealer's card. For each card that does succeed, you double your stake - but If all of your cards are lower than the dealer's one, you lose.

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