Take part in the cool 1xBet promotion - EFFECT M


This spring, the betting world was astounded to hear about a record win by a 1xBet player from Kazakhstan named Mukhazhan. The 44 correctly predicted events, which the long-time 1xBet player put together in an accumulator, allowed him to win almost $2 million. 1xBet has paid out the winnings - and now offers all players the chance to surpass the success of the newly-made millionaire.

To join the action, all you have to do is take part in the EFFECT M super promotion. It started in May 2021 and is open-ended. To enter the promo, simply bet at least $2,76 on an accumulator bet consisting of 45 or more events, each at odds of 1,17. If the accumulator wins, the prize fund is yours!

Only bets involving no more than 2 refunds for accumulators of 45 to 47 events, or 3 refunds for accumulators of 48 or more events, count for the promotion.

The initial prize pool is set at $2500, and every month a further $2500 is added to the prize pool until the first winner is announced. The maximum prize money for the first winner is set at $30 000, not counting the prize money per accumulator that the winner will receive.

Another special prize is the personalised golden 1xBet Champion ring, which will go to the promotion winner. Such a ring has already been given to Mukhazhan - and we’re hopeful that very soon the winner of the promotion will also be able to rejoice in this special reward.

Participate in EFFECT M - and earn big time with 1xBet!

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