Squid Game: the best bets on the season’s most trendy TV series at 1xBet


The statisticians have already been knocked off their feet, updating the list of records that the Korean drama Squid Game has set in the weeks since its appearance on Netflix. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would even envy its list of achievements, and the hype associated with the series continues unabated.

Suffice it to say that the show had already been watched by 111 million people by mid-October, making it the most popular in streaming service history. In addition, the Vans sneakers worn by characters on the show are breaking sales records with a growth of over 8,000%. Even the phone number, which accidentally appeared in the series, was inundated daily by thousands of calls, so it had to be edited out of the footage.

With series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk having to sell his laptop while he waited for someone to like his idea, it all looks like a fairy tale. The Korean director has even said that he lost six teeth during production on the first season, making its runaway success even sweeter now. But, everyone is waiting for an answer to one question: will there be a sequel? Hwang himself has already hinted that he was considering such an option but didn’t give a definitive answer. One thing that’s always true about the entertainment industry though is that a money-spinner is seldom left without a follow-up.

So, experts at 1xBet have already started accepting bets related to the second season. Let's consider a few of them.

You can bet on the fact that Netflix will announce the 2nd season by the end of 2021 at odds of 1.65 or on the fact that there will be no such announcement for 2.1. The high probability of the first option looks logical, but you’ll need to strike while the iron is hot. Fans are clamouring for a second season, and it’s unlikely Netflix will kill the golden goose (or, if you will, squid). The only question is whether you have time to place a bet before the management of the streaming network makes its announcement.

You can bet that the game Red Light, Green Light will be played in the new season. It’s spawned hundreds of video game variations that have even been seen by those who haven't watched the series. The continued cross-promotion potential is enormous - so why not repeat it? The odds for this to happen is 4.

1xBet also has a separate group of bets on the main character of the series, Seong Gi-hun. The charming rogue, loved by many, changed before our eyes by the end of the season. He clearly showed that he wasn’t satisfied with the role of a silent lucky millionaire! At odds of 1.9, you can bet that he will return and take part in the next Squid Games.

However, this isn’t his only participation option for which 1xBet is ready to reward its players - for example, the odds for Seong becoming the next overseer is 6. Or, perhaps he will even replace the Front Man - odds of 16! The latter, by the way, is quite likely, considering that...wait - let's finish without super spoilers. So, watch the series, place bets on 1xBet and get paid for your intuition and understanding of how cool plots work!

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