What are the betting options for the Euros with 1xBet?


Here is a brief rundown of betting markets if you are looking to make money in the summer. The attention of football fans worldwide is focusing on the European Championship, which ends on July 11th, with the final at Wembley. 


Until then, it’s worth pointing out that you can still earn money while supporting your favorite European team. 1xBet provides exceptional conditions for a wide variety of betting options at the event. Here are the money-making opportunities at your disposal. 


Firstly, you can bet on any European match in several ways. For example, you can predict the outcome or the precise score of a game, whether there will be penalties, or both teams score. Each match has approximately 1,500 options for betting available.


Moreover, you get the chance to make money with numerous other options. For example, you can combine a bet on the number of goals scored in matches, bringing them together into one prediction. Furthermore, you can place specific bets, such as on the top scorer of the competition (Harry Kane - 26), the best goalkeeper (Hugo Lloris - 6), the best tournament player (Kylian Mbapp√© - 9), and the best young player (Phil Foden - 6), the most assists (Kevin de Bruyne - 5), and the best goal scored during the tournament (Cristiano Ronaldo - 8). 


While these are the more popular prospects, you can opt to wager on a long list of candidates — for instance, Gareth Bale (67) or Domenico Berardi (151) as the best player. You can still, of course, bet on which team will win the Euro championship. For instance, you can wager on France winning, with odds of 4.3.


The team of 1xBet experts has done an excellent job of putting together a comprehensive selection of betting markets for the Euro Championship. So all it takes to make money on it is to sign up or log in to the 1xBet website or through the mobile app, and you can transform your long, hot summer into a winning experience with a fairy tale ending!

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