New Hot Games Added to the 1xGames Collection


1xBet is always looking for ways to provide a complete and enjoyable experience to all its customers around the globe. With that in mind, they launched the unique section of 1xGames where players get to enjoy exclusive titles with a wide range of themes and gameplay. The collection of 1xGames already includes over 100 titles and two more just join them: Cyber2077 and Royal Feast. Let’s take a closer look at what these two new games bring for 1xBet members!


Inspired by the launch of the latest title from CD Projekt, Cyber2077 takes players to an alternative universe filled with technology and Artificial Intelligence. The graphics are exceptional and playing the game is straightforward. After you open Cyber2077 you just have to guess where the arrow on the screen will stop when the wheel stops. Use your mouse to insert the approximate range and you will automatically get the probability of your choice to produce a win. 


The lower the probability, the higher your odds become and you win more money. Simply press the “Start” button to begin and if the arrow stops in the predicted range, you win an amount equal to the initial stake multiplied by the odds corresponding to your selection. On top of your game wins, there’s a Jackpot that can trigger randomly with every bet you place.

Royal Feast

You have the opportunity to visit the future in Cyber2077 and 1xBet also takes you on a trip to the past with Royal Feast. Go to the times when kings and queens ruled the planet and take your shot at getting a share of their riches. It’s not gold and coins you’ll hunt in this one, but tasty treats hidden on golden plates. There’s a total of 25 dishes on-screen, displayed on a 5x5 matrix. Underneath, 5 different types of tasty treats and 5 bottles of poison are hidden from the plain eye. 


Once you insert the desired stake, the aim is to click on the dishes to uncover them one by one. You can select 15 dishes in total and your winnings increase with each dish you reveal. However, if you stumble upon a poison bottle, you start over. Of course, you don’t have to pick all the 15 bottles. You can just choose to stop and collect the balance at any point.


Just like Cyber2077, Royal Feast comes with an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly jackpot that can be won at any time. Satisfy your appetite for wins and enjoy an excellent game with Royal Feast at 1xBet!

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