Who will win the Champions League - four football stories this season


No sooner had fans moved on from the madness of last season's Champions League, was there a new tournament on the horizon. In recent years, we've grown accustomed to incredible comebacks, semi-final underdogs and even eight goals against one team.


What have the strongest clubs on the planet prepared for us this time? 1xBet offers four scenarios for the unfolding of events in the new season of this iconic event and highlights five favourites.


Scenario 1: Bayern defend title


Not so long ago, there was talk among fans about the curse of the Champions League. After the renaming of the tournament in 1992, for a long time, no winner could defend their title. This unlucky streak was broken by Real Madrid, which managed to win the tournament for three years in a row - in 2016-2018.


The current Bayern team may well also defend the title. It's difficult to say if anyone can be superior to the Bavarians because they skated over their rivals with such ease. The arrival of Leroy Sane will make this team even more potent, and Bayern triumphing again would not be a huge surprise.


Scenario 2: Real Madrid returns to the throne


The Champions League is a Real Madrid tournament. Madrid holds the record for the number of Champions League victories and has all sorts of records that are almost impossible to beat. But with the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the successes of Madrid in European competitions became much more modest with two consecutive exits in the quarterfinals.


However, it's not all that bad. Last season left many reasons for Madrid fans to feel optimistic. Under the leadership of Zidane, the team regained stability, the youth are progressing, and we have not yet seen the real Eden Azar emerge. Perhaps it is time to return to the throne?


Scenario 3: Messi or Ronaldo win the Champions League and bid for another Ballon d'Or


Recent seasons have hinted that the era of Messi-Ronaldo is coming to an end. These two great football players are less and less in the tops for goals scored, and their teams in recent years have not shone as brightly. It got to the point that even more worthy candidates began to appear in the battle for the Golden Ball. And yet there is a suspicion that Leo and Cris have more glory to come in the near future.

We all agree that, on paper, the triumph of Barcelona or Juventus looks extremely unlikely. However, how magical the success of one of these teams will be if it does happen! And, this fairy tale ending is so in the style of the Champions League of recent years!


The bookmakers estimate the chances of Barcelona and Juventus at the same odds - 13.


Scenario 4: Ajax Football Tale


Why not? A year ago, Ajax stopped one step short of the Champions League final, where anything could have happened! Football underdog wins in such a tournament are rare, but it seems the time has come.


The last time such a fairy tale was presented to us was Jose Mourinho's Porto way back in 2004. Since then, there have been only giants among the victors. Ajax looks like the perfect candidate to return the romance to European football. A vibrant team with many young talents and future stars - who if not them?


If you also consider yourself a football romantic and believe in beautiful football, you can bet on Ajax. The victory of the Amsterdam players in the tournament may provide you with a massive windfall!


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