What to expect from Game 5 of the NBA Finals


The next battle could well be the last NBA game of the season. The series currently stands at 3:1 in favour of the Lakers, which means Miami will have to perform a miracle to lift the trophy. In fact, in the entire history of the NBA, only one team has ever managed to pull off a comeback from 1: 3 down. But, unfortunately for the Heat, this team was Cleveland with none other than LeBron James. The “King” hasn’t forgotten what happened in 2016 and doesn’t intend to give his opponents a chance to emulate his achievement.


However, Miami can definitely at least win the next game, especially since Bam Adebayo has returned, looking quite decent in the 4th match. There is little hope for Goran Dragic's comeback, but Robinson has started scoring well while Hiro and Oleinik are looking good. If Jimmy Butler shines again and if either LeBron or Anthony Davis disappoint, then Miami can extend the series.


The odds for the Heat to win are 3.84 at 1xBet, with the Lakers at odds of 1.35. Taking into account that the game will most likely be defensive in nature, every point will be worth its weight in gold. Therefore, it makes sense to think about a bet on “total less than”: for example, on total less than 216, the coefficient is 2.


Make your choice - and make money on what may be the decisive match of the season with 1xBet!

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