Enjoy Over 100 Unique Games and Exceptional Prizes at 1xBet


If game diversity was the standard for the industry for many years, things are very different now. Players are interested in operators that offer them exclusivity and the chance to enjoy slots and games that are not available anywhere else. That’s exactly why 1xBet focused their massive resources on creating a section with unique games that its customers can enjoy for an excellent experience filled with winning chances and other prizes. 


Play Exclusive Games with Cashback, Jackpots, Daily Quests and More

Not only that 1xBet offers you more than 100 exclusive titles in the 1xGames section, but these games come with almost unlimited winning chances. For example, just by enjoying your favorite 1xGame you can win multiple times thanks to the perks arranged by 1xBet. 


You’ll surely love the exciting and ever-changing Daily Quest that’s available when playing titles from the 1xGames section. To find out what the daily quest is, just visit the 1xGames section and click on the trophy symbol on the sidebar placed on the right of the screen. Once you complete one of the three parts of the quest, you will receive a guaranteed bonus that can consist of:

      A free try in 1xGames

      Additional Cashback

      Spins on the Lucky Wheel

      Double Stakes


There’s also a guaranteed cashback bonus you can enjoy when playing 1xGames. You can choose two of the over 100 titles that will generate a 3% cashback for everything you bet on them. Even more than that, 1xBet will also appoint one game that will give you a 5% cashback bonus. And to make things even better, if you wager over €343 over the period of a month, the cashback bonus on the two games you selected gets boosted from 3% to 5% as well!


And if you thought that’s everything you can win when enjoying the 1xGames, there’s more where that came from. Just for enjoying this exclusive section of 1xBet, you get to spin the Lucky Wheel once per day for exciting prizes. Furthermore, there are four jackpots attached to any game that can be triggered randomly for even greater rewards. And to top everything off, on top of the daily quests, you also get a Daily Tournament. Compete with other 1xBet players and gather as many points as possible on the selected games and you can win the latest Apple or Samsung smartphone and gadgets.


Already sounds like something you’d like to try right away? That’s excellent because you can now enjoy the newest title added to the 1xGames collection - Bottle. 


You surely played this game in real life at least once during college or at the parties you attended as a teenager. The classic game of Bottle is now made available in the online environment by 1xBet and you have the chance to win big spinning the bottle. 


Even if you haven’t played it before, the rules are very simple. You start the game by inserting the amount you want to bet. Then, by pressing the orange “Spin” button in the middle of the screen, the bottle will start to spin. It can stop at either of the three beautiful ladies ( or men - if ladies play this game, it’s very easy to change the sex of the three options by clicking the toggle in the upper-left side of the screen).


Depending on where the bottle stops your stake is multiplied with the value shown above each character. 


Winning was never easier and more enjoyable than by playing the exclusive 1xGames! Create an account if you don’t have one already and start having fun with the unique titles offered by 1xBet!

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