Duel Between Players: gather a team and earn money in a new bet mode at 1xBet

 Aubameyang and Aguero playing together against De Bruyne and Willian-is that possible?Yes, in a new betting mode at 1xBet-Duel between players!With further innovationsfrom 1xBet, football fans now have even more fun makingpredictions and earning money with their sports knowledge. The Duel between players willbe especially appealing to connoisseurs of all kinds of football simulators and “fantasyfootball”.To try out the new mode, just go to the 1xBet website, go to the football match of one of thetop championships you are interested in, and select the Duel between players mode.Next, gather your team and the opposing team based on the participants in a specific match:each squad can include from one to ten players. An important detail is that even rival playerscan enter the same team, which makes the process extra fun. Then select an available bet-most often this is the number of goals that the players of your chosen team will score.Conveniently, the odds are calculated automatically-you just have to confirm your selectedbet and enjoy the game.By the way, this can be done in real-time on the 1xBet website. Especially for this purpose,more than 10,000 LIVEbroadcasts are available every month in the desktop version of thewebsite and the mobile application of the betting company.Come to 1xBet, place your bets in the new Duel between players mode and enjoy top-notchfootball with a reliable bookmaker!

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